Market Discovery

576,763: The number of patent applications to the US Patent Office in 2012


Know your market before you invent

The prerequisite for most successful innovations is the knowledge of market conditions. Mastering our creation process may not be enough if the needs and competition in the market are against us.

There have been 576,763 patent applications to the US Patent office in 2012. Without a proper knowledge of already available patented technologies, our ideas can be doomed to fail from the beginning.

In this age of tremendous information flow, we can help you answer the following crucial questions:

  • What is already out there?
  • What is the state of the art?
  • What is the technology ecosystem?
  • What are the interrelated technologies? Which ones are critical for our survival?
  • Which are the areas competition is non-existent?
  • Which are the opportunity spaces?
  • Which features can we add to our portfolio?


Individual technologies cannot be considered in isolation. It is necessary to consider interrelated technologies in a broader context. Technological ecosystem concept also forms the framework in which technological evolution of a technology can be analyzed. Technology ecosystem is constituted of interrelated technologies with specific roles and hierarchies.

After a technology ecosystem analysis, we have to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the main interrelated technologies in a technological ecosystem?
  • How can we explain the evolution of a technology? What are the determinant factors in the evolution?
  • How can a new model of technology ecosystem - evolution be leveraged for market discovery and product development purposes?